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Equestrian Development on Scale

We are group of experienced professionals in equestrian business with 20+ years of experience in the field with a proven and successful track record in the Industry. As the equestrian market in Europe is fairly advanced and mature it’s becoming a role model for emerging markets with substantial potential. V2024’s target is to develop and provide horses to the teams, which will be participating at the 2020 and 2024 Olympic Games as well as World Equestrian Games in 2018 and 2022. We aim to cooperate closely with proponents of equestrian movement in prospective emerging markets and related service organizations to support the development of the segment those countries.

This will provide a unique opportunity to develop exciting and high-growth business of equestrian services for the global markets, get the Horse Development to the next level and also participate at Showjumping events throughout Europe and establish our brand across the globe.

Lieven Van Decraen, Vision 2024 CEO


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Our Welcome Message

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Why to partner with us 

Experience. Experience gained through several generations of industry participation.

Professionalism. Discipline and professionalism are key elements of the group.

Horses Development. Vision 2024 sets program conditions to develop young horses to produce a steady supply of TOP quality sport horses successful in FEI Longines Ranking, Olympic Games, WEG, etc.

Olympics. We aim at the highest bar – providing horses for the Olympics.

Cultural Bridge. Vision 2024 provides bridge between roots of the industry in Europe and new emerging markets.

Equestrianism. Partnering with Vision 2024 means to become part of Equestrianism.


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Our main activities

Horse Searching. Vision 2024 has developed a unique scouting system to be able to deliver a steady stream of quality horses into Horse Development Program to produce top-quality candidates to the entire ranks of performance grades.

Horses Development. Vision 2024 sets program conditions to develop young horses to produce a steady supply of TOP quality sport horses successful in FEI Longines Ranking, Olympic Games, WEG, etc.

Emerging Markets Development. Vision 2024 supports the rise of Equestrianism in emerging markets by close cooperation with local proponents and investors with a target to assist in succeeding at Olympic Games & WEG.


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Our unique development program

Prospecting. The key element to successfully delivering results of the program is the constant prospecting for new talent.

Inspection. Our unique inspection system makes sure that only healthy and strong horses are accepted into the Horse Development Program.

Professional Care. Producing Horses is combination of science and art. We have the facilities and the team to take care and ensure we operate to the highest standards through our development process.

Placement. Clients of Horses Development Program are recruiting from all professional levels including young riders, national & international competitors and senior world leading show jumpers.

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Our services

Horse Management. Professional care of our international Equestrian team, ensures that sport horse care, training at competitions, leads to continuous performance improvements.

Riders Academy. Vision 2024 is Preparing Riders from the emerging markets for worldwide competition.We help to build new business relationships between with Asia, Midlle East and Afrika and European entrepreneurs to unlock opportunities in both European & Asia markets.

Sponsorship. We help to build new business relationships between Chinese and European entrepreneurs to unlock opportunities in both European & Chinese markets. We deliver for all investment profiles by sourcing talented, healthy and strong sport horses. For rider’s we are able to find horses which fit their current skill level and long term ambitions.

Export & Import. Comprehensive services related to the purchase, sale, quarantine and transportation of sport horses between Europe with Asia, Midlle East and Afrika and other international markets.

Investments. Prospecting, Inspection and Professional Care and Placement abilities of the European and Emerging Markets creating very attractive investment opportunities with solid financial models.

Event Management for Investors. Vision 2024 cooperates with XEG Equestrian Global Assets Investment Fund to provide concierge for fund investors on selected events.

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Two olympic cycles

Launch. Vision 2024 was launched in 2016 when key partnerships were formed including the core team.

Acquisition. Start of horses’ acquisition into the development program as well as services provided. The focus is at jumping horses.

First Stage. First horses are successfully outplaced after development program and number of horses in development program is substantially increased.

Second Stage. 100+ Horses project target achieved, and successful second Olympics cycle completed.

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